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Vivid Accents: Daring Aesthetics.

This collection of unique textured artwork, resplendent with its bright and vivacious hues, would find its perfect home in spaces that celebrate structural boldness and a zest for color. It is a stunning match for those who find joy in distinctive tastes, cherishing nuances that wander off the beaten path of minimalist trends. Curated for the discerning eye that appreciates a spark of daring in their decor, the dynamic character of these pieces stands as a captivating dialogue between color and space - an unspoken invitation to personalise your sanctuary with art that speaks to your individual style.



Inspired by the magnificent and ever-changing face of the ocean, 'Seascape' delicately mirrors the dance of light across ocean waves— a daily reminder of life's unassuming and enchanting repetitions. When the natural world and creative thought merge beautifully, they gift us creations such as these, stealing a piece of our breath each time we take a moment to truly acknowledge them.


COLOUR: Maestro

DIMENSIONS: 325mmx325mm

WEIGHT: 1.59 lb

BASE: Durable engineered wood.

MATERIALS: Born from the harmonious union of lime-based plaster and marble dust, covered in a finishing coat of matching colourant. The result is a truly unique and custom aesthetic, a visual symphony that captures the essence of design and artistry.

TECHNIQUE: Each meticulously applied and burnished layer adds captivating depth and distinctive texture to the artwork. What manifests from this organic process is an exquisite piece of art that blends light and shadow to weave a seductive dance.